It Won’t Be a “Wave” without You!

Yes; the Blue Wave is supposedly coming, but we can’t take it for granted or it won’t happen in LD 11.  It’s up to us–you, me, and the person sitting next to you.  Democrats suffer from a 13 percent voter registration disadvantage to Republicans in LD 11.  Our win margin comes from three possibilities: 1) Democrats must vote in big numbers; 2) large numbers of “Independents,” combined with some moderate Republicans, must vote for Democrats; and 3) significant numbers of Republicans must either vote for a Democrat and/or not vote, likely out of disappointment with their party.

Fortunately, through a lot of hard work, we have some control over the first two. Many organizations are registering more Democrats and getting them out to vote.  It’s working!  Democratic turnout in the Primary was better in all 600+ precincts statewide, than in either 2014 or 2016 (a presidential election year!).   

Next, we must convince the Independents and common sense Republicans to vote for us. The Atchue and Lyon campaigns have been working on these “persuadables” since January.  We, along with our dedicated crew of canvassers (50 so far), have knocked on almost 14,000 persuadables’ doors this year.  Soon, we’ll be mailing to them also.  Thanks to almost 700 “Lyon for AZ” motivated contributors, we have funding to reach out to many of our persuadables to remind them who I am and what I stand for: fiscal responsibility that returns our tax investments to our schools, roads, and communities. Of course, the more funding we have, the more outreach we can do!

The bottom line–if you want to break the GOP succession in LD 11, you must work for it. Volunteer at the Northwest office.  Donate to a campaign.  Canvass for Atchue and Lyon.  

Remember how you felt on November 9th, 2016?  How will you feel on November 7th, 2018 if we aren’t successful? I know I’ll be crushed because I’ll feel like I let you down. But, I’ll also know that I didn’t leave ANYTHING on the table. Will you be able to say the same?    

Contribute: ( and click on the red “Contribute” tab; or, mail a check to Lyon for AZ, P.O. Box 8405, Catalina, AZ 85738. 

Volunteer to Canvass, Stuff Envelopes, or Make Calls by clicking on the “Volunteer” button at  


About Hollace

A retired Air Force Colonel running for the Arizona House in LD 11 to prove government should and CAN deliver solutions. I believe in economic security, a quality education for all, and fiscal responsibility.
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