What Do We Agree On?

If we are going to start from points of commonality, and try to end at actions to take which may get us back to our commonly desired results, we need to begin the journey with open minds and a clean slate.

Admittedly, My mind is not as clean a slate as maybe it should before this exercise, but I’ve been reading Jon Meacham’s “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power,” and it transports me to the time before the U.S. Constitution was written. I’ve intermingled that reading with various other historic and current political articles, such as The Federalist Papers, and I find myself wishing our fore fathers had been able to better predict the 21st Century US. However, I have a renewed respect for their understanding of human nature and sociology.

If I were on a team trying to write a constitution for a new country, beginning now and going forward, what would I want to make sure existed within the goals of the team to be embodied in the framework set out in that constitution? Then, having the advantage of many historically developed examples, how should it be written to best serve the generations that will unfold from this day forward?

Let this be the defining purpose of this blog. Over the next many writings, I shall record my personal thoughts within this mind set, a clean slate with personal knowledge that influences my thinking, as was the case for every signator of our country’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution.


About Hollace

A retired Air Force Colonel running for the Arizona House in LD 11 to prove government should and CAN deliver solutions. I believe in economic security, a quality education for all, and fiscal responsibility.
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